How to organize your kitchen


Hey guys, I’m alive. I know haven’t posted in a while!

Ok, after I saw a video of Khloe Kardashian’s hyper-organized pantry, I had a sudden urge to re-organize my kitchen (I don’t have an actual pantry). Most of it was already kind of organized, but there were a bunch of things scattered around in bags. I thought I’d write a post on how to actually go about the process of organizing since I just did it recently.

Organizing can be a pretty overwhelming, multi-day process, but it’s all the worth it in the end when you know EXACTLY where everything is and you can see what you have, and in the end, food prepping becomes that much quicker and easier. It also helps prevent you from buying too much food because you won’t forget what you have.

Let’s admit, it’s also really satisfying to look at.

My main food cabinet
All my containers and jars
My food drawer
Some random stuff

So, here are the steps:

1. Purge

Take EVERYTHING out of your shelves, cabinets, fridge, freezer, and drawers and throw away anything that’s expired and anything you know you won’t eat. Yes, it’s a waste of food, so let it be a lesson learned not to re-buy that stuff or to buy smaller quantities (try shopping from the bulk section).

2. Clean, a little

Give the shelves a wipe since they’re probably full of crumbs and dried liquids that have leaked.

3. Measure

Now you’ll need to buy some bins, racks, containers, etc. but first you need to measure out all your cabinets and drawers. It seems crazy but it’s better than buying a bunch of stuff, realizing it doesn’t fit, and having to go return it all.

Get some measuring tape or a ruler and measure out the dimensions of each cabinet and drawer. Write down the width, length, and height on a piece of paper. Take photos just in case you need a visual of your kitchen while you’re in the store.

4. Assess the situation

Figure out what kinds of containers and how many of each you need. You’ll need to think about the quantities of each food: for things like flour and oatmeal, I got big jars because that stuff gets used up quickly. For everything else, I have either plastic containers that stack up, or mason jars.

You’ll also need to think of where to place the foods, depending on how often you use them. Foods you reach for often should be in easy-to-access places.

Write it all down so you know how many containers and labels to get.

5. Back to normal, for now

Put back all the food you took out for now, until you have time to go shopping.

6. Go shopping

Buy your containers and organizational tools. Some stores you might want to visit are the dollar store, Amazon, Walmart, the Container Store, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Target.

Aside from containers, some additional tools I’d recommend:

  • a lazy susan: sometimes you can’t see what’s in the back of your shelf if items in the front are blocking your view; a lazy susan is basically a spinnable plate that lets you see everything
  • a tiered shelf rack: this serves the same purpose as a lazy susan, except it doesn’t move — items in the back are just elevated
  • removable labels

7. Organize

Once you get all your stuff, you can start putting all the food in containers and setting them up in their shelves. Don’t forget to label all the containers.

As you can see, this is a long process, so just be mentally prepared to spend a few days doing this. As I said before, it’s really worth it in the end, and not at all hard to maintain.

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I hope this has helped you or inspired you to do your own kitchen. It’s so worth it in the end!