Meal Prep Sunday | Project Meal Prep

On Monday night, I went to a knife skills class at Sur la Table, which is a cooking supply store.


How Abbi on Broad City feels about Bed Bath and Beyond is how I feel about kitchen supply stores.

Abbi dancing with an employee at Bed Bath and Beyond

Having been cooking for a few years now, I didn’t think I would learn as much as I did in this class. For example, my way of cutting bell peppers was so inefficient. I’m really glad I took that class, because I think I’m going to be able to chop fruits and veggies much faster (and safer) than before.

I used to not like eating oranges because the pith is sometimes really thick, but we learned how to cut oranges so that you just get the inside and now I love oranges.

We got a break in the middle to shop around the store and got a discount for being in the class, so I bought this apron that was in the sale section.


Anyway, for breakfast this week I had the intention of having green smoothies, but in the middle of the week I decided I wanted something more substantial that I could chew. I found a recipe for these baked chocolate oatmeal breakfast muffins on Chocolate Covered Katie‘s website. They taste like dessert and are so yummy. I added coconut flakes to the recipe.



If you saw my previous blog post, you’ll have seen a recipe for Spaghetti Squash and Sausage Pasta. That’s what I had for dinner. I used 2 squashes and that filled 4 large mason jars, and then I kept the sauce in a separate giant container. I thought it made a really good dinner, not too heavy but satisfying.

Halloween is upon us! I am planning to make some vegan treats for 2 parties that I’m going to. What are you planning on making??

Meal planning & grocery list template


As you already know, I love planning what I’m going to eat everyday and I always make categorized grocery lists before I go shopping for Meal Prep Sunday.

I made a free template you can download and use for your own meal preps too!

You can either print it out and fill it in with a pen or pencil, OR you can edit it first in a PDF viewer, such as Preview on Mac. Here’s how:

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 8.00.47 AM.png

  1. Go to Tools and make sure Text Selection is checked
  2. If the font toolbar isn’t visible, go to View and click Show Markup Toolbar.
  3. Select the font you want to use by clicking on the A icon in the Markup Toolbar (see screenshot).
  4. Double click on each line and type in your grocery items.
  5. To add meals and the date, go to Tools > Annotate > Text. A textbox will appear and you can type anything you want.


Get the template!

I hope you love it!