Settling in London: Grocery shopping, our European kitchen

Settling into our new home | Colorful doors in London

Moving to London has been quite an adventure so far — who knew that moving to a different continent would be so different from moving from Canada to the US!

Everything is different here. Laundry machines normally take 4 hours to wash ONE load. You need a license to watch TV –even if it’s Netflix on your computer. Yes you read that correctly.

Branden and I moved into a flat about 3 weeks ago. It’s dangerously close to a vegan cupcake shop, and I want to go there everyday.

Cupcakes we got from the cupcake shop on Valentine’s day

After buying dishes, furniture, applicances, etc. our home is finally coming together. The fridge looks full enough to seem like people live here, and today we got the pots and pans that we ordered online!


Figuring out all the appliances that came with the flat has been a challenge.


One big reason is because all of the labels on the oven and dishwasher have worn off, and it’s impossible to know what these symbols mean.


For the oven, I can’t even find a manual online, or photos of a similar oven, so I’ve just been trying to guess.

Fortunately, that hasn’t stopped me from trying to bake #ilovebaking

I noticed that they’re very sensitive to food allergies and intolerances here. There are signs in every restaurant that say to let the staff know if you have any allergies. Also, common allergens are bolded on like every food label. This makes it really easy to determine if something is vegan, because eggs and milk count as allergens!

Some more strange things I noticed —

… apple cider vinegar is just called “cyder vinegar”

… baking soda is called “bicarbonate of soda”

… and the grocery store chains like to wrap every fruit and vegetable in plastic!

I hope you found this post interesting. This weekend we’re having afternoon tea at that cupcake place I mentioned. I’m super excited because I had afternoon tea once before when I was visiting London, and it was the best thing ever!