Make your meal prepping eco-friendly

I started thinking about this topic during that week where I ate mostly raw. I came home with so many plastic bags of produce, which I crammed into my cupboard that was already full of them.


Some of them are actually compostable, but the ones from my grocery store are not. Here are a few ways you can be a little more environmentally-friendly at the grocery store and in the kitchen.

Reusable produce bags


I looked into reusable grocery bags, and I found a bunch on Amazon, but ended up getting these ones, which cost $11.92 for five. I used them the other day, and they were great (this post is not sponsored BTW).

Reusable zip-lock bags


I also got these Re-Zip Seal Reusable Storage Bags to use instead of plastic Ziplock baggies. I did hesitate a bit because they’re almost $20 for five bags, but they feel nice and sturdy and so far I’m a fan.

Use less water when making pasta

Usually when people make pasta, they first fill up a pot with an arbitrary amount of water, which will often be way more water than actually needed. Instead, add the pasta FIRST, then add cold water until it just covers the pasta. This way you are using exactly the amount of water you need.

Freeze leftovers to avoid wasting food

Sometimes life gets in the way and you realize you’re not going to be home to eat all the food in your kitchen. I love freezing food I can’t eat in time, particularly breads, baked goods, fruits, and soups. A surprising number of foods can be frozen and still taste fine when re-heated, look it up!

P.S. Did you know about edible cutlery?

There’s an innovative company from India called Bakies that came up with edible spoons and forks that you can eat WITH, and then EAT when you’re done, so your meal can be waste-free. You can also compost them if you don’t want to eat them. They’re made from grains and come in a bunch of different flavors!


I hope one day we can replace plastic cutlery and wooden chopsticks in restaurants with edible alternatives.

What are your tips for making grocery shopping, cooking, or packing food eco-friendly?