Salvaging a bland meal

How to salvage a bland meal | Project Meal Prep

Sometimes I make healthy dishes that end up being incredibly bland, or after a few days I start to get sick of eating the same thing. Here are some of my favorite healthy ways to jazz up my food:

lemon juice. I love the flavor combo of something acidic with something salty. Lemon is a great, calorie-free way to brighten up a lot of foods.

shredded vegan cheese. A little sprinkle of cheese goes a long way to adding a little saltiness and creaminess to your meal. I love it melted on tofu scrambles and burrito bowls.

minced garlic. Garlic salt is also a nice alternative if you don’t feel like getting out the garlic press.

hot sauce. Adding a heat makes food a little more interesting. You can also try adding cayenne pepper or chili flakes! Lemon + minced garlic + salt + chili flakes are a really yummy combo.

Himalayan pink salt / sea salt. Himalayan pink salt is supposed to have minerals in it that regular salt doesn’t, but it’s questionable whether the amount is actually significant or not. Either way, a tiny sprinkle of salt is usually a good idea, just don’t overdo it.

liquid aminos. It’s made from soybeans and tastes kinda like tamari or soy sauce, but it has a bunch of amino acids in it. I like this one because it comes in a spray bottle, so you can get a good, evenly-distributed amount with just one spray.

avocado. Sometimes when a meal is really dry, I mash up 1/2 or 1/4 of an avocado with lemon and mix it in with the food. I find that it can make something that’s bordering on unappetizing become really delicious.

What kind of things do YOU like to add??