5 tips for conquering the grocery store


Going to the grocery store can be an overwhelming pain in the butt. There are a zillion products to choose from and people everywhere bumping into you. Unless it’s late at night or the middle of a weekday afternoon, I try to get in and out as fast as I can. Here some tips for surviving the grocery store: Continue reading 5 tips for conquering the grocery store

Meal Prep Sunday: Week of April 3

IMG_20160409_141923 (1)

I’ve been meal prepping dinners for a while, and didn’t do it for lunch or snacks because we get lunch where I work. Since I became vegan, the food options for me in the office are not great, so I decided to start taking meal prep more seriously. Continue reading Meal Prep Sunday: Week of April 3

5 cooking tips for beginners

Growing up, I wasn’t taught to learn how to cook. If you’re a millennial like me, you also probably never learned to cook from your parents. I’ve been learning on my own for the past 5 years, with a lot of struggles in the process, and I want to share with you some tips on what you can do to ease into this process! Continue reading 5 cooking tips for beginners