Hi! I’m Lori, the creator of this blog. I’m a regular person living in San Francisco and I’m a fanatic of healthy, plant-based meal prepping.

I often hear from people in my generation that they spend a lot of money on food and eat out a lot, so I want to inspire people to cook at home, meal plan, eat nutritiously, and consume a more plant-based diet by showing them that it’s not that hard. I believe in meal prepping so much for its time- and effort-saving advantages that I want everyone to try it!

I’m also obsessed with food and cooking. I even watch cooking videos while eating.

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3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Lori! Wonderful blog about meal prep. I am also a passionate meal prepper. I am wondering how long you have been cooking this way? What made you start? Jessy


    1. Hi J, I’ve been cooking this way for about a year, but I never used to prep lunch until I became a vegan, because lunch is served at my work. I started after I realized that I really enjoyed eating leftovers after I made something big like a lasagna or casserole, and thought I should just do that all the time! It saves me so much time and helps me control my diet way more than anything else!

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      1. Awesome! And I completely agree about saving time. I especially love not having to do hardly any dishes during the week! I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts, Jessy

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