Project Meal Prep | Aren't you admitting you like meat?

“Aren’t you admitting you like meat?”

Project Meal Prep | Aren't you admitting you like meat?

Some people get confused / criticize why vegans and vegetarians eat fake meat. I can see where they are coming from. If we supposedly don’t like meat, why are we eating foods that try to emulate it?

Some people say that the fake meat we have today doesn’t taste much like real meat. Others say they do like meat but are just morally opposed to it, so they’ll settle for the alternative. I think I’m somewhere leaning toward the latter.

When I had the Impossible Burger — which everyone says tastes like meat and which I said I liked — one of my friends asked me “Aren’t you admitting that you like meat?

My answer was, Yes I do like the taste, but not if it’s real meat.

The difference is that when it’s real meat, I know in my mind that it used to be an animal, and not just plants that have been manipulated to taste like meat.

Here’s an analogy I can relate it to: Most people like cheese. If you smelled cheese, you’d be like “yum.”

Project Meal Prep | Aren't you admitting you like meat?



Project Meal Prep | Aren't you admitting you like meat?

Suddenly you’re grossed out, right?

Well, that’s how it is for me. Does this make sense? Let me know.

4 thoughts on ““Aren’t you admitting you like meat?””

  1. It’s an interesting perspective. The few vegans I know haven’t stopped eating meat because they didn’t like the taste (myself included). But it’s more knowing what goes on beyond the scenes that suddenly makes meat a turn off. Having a meat alternative is more about eating something that carries a similar texture etc. so it can flesh out meals (pardon the pun!) as similar as possible to what I would have eaten as a carnivore. In saying all that, I tend not to use fake meat to try and replicate dishes, and just try to find different and tasty dishes altogether instead.

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  2. Haha awesome analogy at the end there! I’ll be using that in future discussions for sure! Do you feature your writing with any other sites at all?


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