Father’s Day vegan food roundup

Modified photo by Peter Baker on Flickr

Father’s Day is approaching! I’ve rounded up some recipes for if you’re planning to celebrate, or just wanna do something nice for him that isn’t, say, buying yet another necktie that he doesn’t really want.

I think cooking for someone is one of the most generous things you can do, so whether or not your dad is a vegan, these are some vegan dishes he’ll enjoy.

‘Filet’ with Caramelized Onion Gravy (Ms. Vegan)

No need to go to a steakhouse when you could make a faux filet mignon at home. This dish looks like steak, but it’s made with Gardein Beefless tips (which are delicious BTW).

Australian Meat Pie (Ms. Vegan)

I had no idea that “meat pie” was an Australian dish, but apparently it’s considered “iconic” in both Australia and New Zealand. I made these a few months ago and they are SO hearty, warm and filling. Kinda feels like getting a hug from the inside, but not in a creepy way 🙂

Pasta carbonara with shiitake bacon (Chef Chloe) 

This recipe is from Chef Chloe, who won Cupcake Wars a few years ago with a vegan cupcake. She now has a super popular vegan restaurant in NYC which I am dying to visit. Anyway, she came up with this amazing dish which she went on the TODAY show to make, and I also saw it in a magazine a few months ago, so it must be a crowd-pleaser! “Carbonara” is a name for an Italian pasta dish containing egg, cheese/cream, and bacon/ham.

Meatball sliders (Chef Chloe)

Another recipe from Chef Chloe. This is what she says about them:

I made these once for a pack of far-from-vegan guy friends and they scarfed them down. They were shocked to learn that they were vegetarian, let alone vegan!

I’m sold!

Cauliflower wings (Conveniently Vegan)

Wings — a classic pub favorite. My fellow blogger friend Meredith came up with a way to vegan-ize them AND make them healthy. If your dad enjoys wings, then it’s a win-win-win… is that the correct number of wins?

Vegan Guinness chocolate cake (Wallflower Kitchen)

Did you know that some types of Guinness beers aren’t vegan? There’s a part of the filtration process that involves using fish bladder, and there are trace amounts of it in the final product. The company is reportedly in the process of removing that step, making the beer vegan.

Anyway, this chocolate cake recipe looks delicious, and I personally don’t know many men who don’t like beer, so if you’re able to find a vegan lager, why not make it for the dad in your life?

Chocolate Chip Cookies (The Vegan Zombie)

Who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies, especially when they’re freshly warm out of the oven!

I hope you have an awesome Father’s Day!

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