Meal Prep Sunday: Week of June 5


I went hard this meal prep, lol. I spent like 5 hours cooking, taking a break in between to go to acupuncture.


I also started drinking wine into the afternoon.


For breakfast, I made steel cut oats that I mashed some banana into while it was cooking, in order to avoid adding extra sugar or sweetener. I also threw in some goji berries and chopped apples to make it more filling.



For lunch I made a salad in a jar, with pearl barley, arugula, sweet marinated tofu, edamame, and tempeh. I was kind of sad that the tofu didn’t look or taste nearly the same the next day as they did coming out of the oven. Thankfully I “sampled” some when it came out of the oven 😉



For dinner, I made a lentil loaf with nuts and raisins in it (recipe from the Oh She Glows cookbook). The glaze is sweet and ketchup-based, and adds so much moisture and flavor. I highly recommend making this loaf — it’s super dense and filling.


I served it with chili-topped green beans and mashed cauliflower sprinkled with nutritional yeast.




My snacks were:

  1. Home-made protein bars that I kind of made up the recipe for. They have protein powder, almond butter, nuts, and dates. I keep them in the freezer because they taste the best that way.
  2. Cut up carrots and celery with this amazing cashew dip by the Cashew Reserve that I found at the grocery store. It’s so creamy and flavorful! If you come across it, I recommend you try it.

And that’s all, folks!

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