Adventures in trying to be vegan in Barcelona: part 2

I’m back home now, and the remaining part of my trip wasn’t too successful in terms of finding more vegan food.

IMG_0286 (1)

I did go to another entirely vegetarian/vegan restaurant called Quinoa Bar Vegetaria. It was a tiny place but the food was insanely delicious. I had a vegan quiche with tomato and basil. I think the base of it was tofu, and it tasted like a margherita pizza in quiche form, but better.

IMG_0281 (1)

I also ordered a green smoothie, and it tasted extra good because I’d been deprived of greens the previous couple of days. I wish this place wasn’t so far out of the way from where I was staying, I would have gone there every single day.

Chomping on the fruit I bought from the market earlier in the week

IMG_0360 (1)

I went on a tour of the Bacardi distillery in Sitges (the town I was staying in), and in addition to learning how rum is made, we were also shown how to make a Bacardi-style mojito. It was pretty fun, and mojitos are also vegan, which is why I thought I’d mention it.

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