Vegan sushi + my birthday

Cashew cheesecake
Candlestick roll


Surprise Ending

I don’t eat my meal-prepped food every single day. This week I knew I’d be going out for dinner for my birthday (which is tomorrow!) so I made 6 meals instead of 7.

I wanted to go to one of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco, called Shizen, which is a sushi restaurant where everything is vegan! I’ve been there with non-vegans and they love it too.

They have some interesting rolls, including one called Candlestick, which comes lit on fire. There’s another one called Surprise Ending which comes with one piece that’s spicy as F, and you don’t know which one it is (it’s like a Russian roulette). Whoever gets it takes the shot in the middle as a consolation prize. Thankfully my boyfriend got the spicy piece at the very beginning, so I could enjoy the rest of the dish without worrying 😉

I’m so thankful to live in such a vegan-friendly city. Let me know if there are any amazing vegan restaurants where you live!!

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