Homemade popcorn secrets


I’m a HUGE popcorn lover, and I only like to buy kernels because it’s way cheaper. Take a look at these price comparisons from the same online store:

Bob’s Red Mill White Popcorn – 27 oz bag – $3.69 – $0.14/ounce

Newman’s Own Natural Microwave Popcorn 10.5 Ounce – $3.79 –  $0.36/ounce

Skinny Pop Popcorn – 4.4 oz bag – $2.83 – $0.64/ounce

The downside of making popcorn from kernels is it can be a pain to pop them. You can pop them on the stove or in a paper bag, but the best method I’ve found is to use this silicone bowl. I love it because it can fit a LOT of popcorn compared to a paper bag and it’s faster than stove-popping.

My other problem with homemade popcorn is HOW DO YOU SEASON IT? Because I don’t want to use too much oil, anything I put on it falls to the bottom!

I’ve found the best technique.

First, use a mortar and pestle to grind up my salt and other seasonings (I love nutritional yeast) to a fine powder. This is the most important part, because it makes everything small enough to stick to the popcorn.


Then, spray the popcorn 2-3 times in different areas with olive oil from my mister and sprinkle the ground up seasoning on top.


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