Healthy, lazy snacks with minimal effort (vegan)

I’m all about planning my meals, but sometimes life throws you a curve ball or maybe you don’t want to plan every snack. These are some of my go-tos for when I’m on the hunt for something to munch on between meals.


Frozen berry “cereal”

I got this idea from Laura Miller (Raw Vegan Not Gross). Basically you dump some frozen berries in a bowl and add non-dairy milk and eat it like cereal. It’s just as easy as eating cereal but full of antioxidant goodness.


Frozen grapes

Whenever I buy grapes, I pluck them all off the branch and put half in a ziplock bag in the freezer. They’re so refreshing.


Spicy, savory pineapple

I love pineapples in any form, but a savory way to eat them is to sprinkle them with lime, salt, and cayenne pepper. The cayenne makes it spicy but also is a metabolism-booster!

Dates dipped in Nut Butter

This is great if you’re craving something sweet — essentially you take a date and dip it in a jar of nut butter (or put the nut butter in a bowl first if you wanna be civilized).

Avocado with lemon and salt

I like making this at work in the afternoon when I’m hungry between lunch and dinner. The fat in avocado is so satisfying and it takes like 2 seconds to make this.

What are your favorite quick, easy and healthy snacks?! Tell me, I want to know!

4 thoughts on “Healthy, lazy snacks with minimal effort (vegan)”

  1. I love bananas or corn thins (like rice cakes made with corn but they taste like popcorn!!) with nut butter.
    That berry cereal sounds yummy. I usually add 2 tablespoons of oats to mine.


  2. Sometimes I do a huge spoonful of peanut butter and a banana. If I’m feeling even lazier than that, I buy single serving peanut/almond packs in bulk, and eat that instead of peanut butter. I also like making my own popcorn, and eating that over a few days.

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